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Spend Less on Cleaning Costs with These Design Tips

The results of cleaning are visible to the public, customers, and employees, especially if cleaning is done poorly. Building tenants consider the cleanliness of a building and its common areas a significant criterion in assessing the effectiveness of building management. 

Cleaning costs are not only ongoing, but grow continually as wages and other costs increase. In order to spend less on cleaning costs, the design of new buildings and renovation of old buildings should take into account these two areas.
Flooring SurfacesRestroom Equipment & Fixtures FlooringFlooring surfaces are the most difficult to keep clean. The amount of people that enter into a building with dirty or wet shoes can ruin the finish and stain of a poorly chosen flooring option. 

For example, the most expensive color of vinyl tile is white; the most difficult color of vinyl tile to maintain is white. Better options for flooring surfaces are mixed-color tiles and carpets, especially tweed carpets with three or four …