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Think Twice About Making a Building Purchase

In the market for a new building material? Learn how sustainability plays a factor in the purchase of anything from a building to what goes inside!

Sustainability extends beyond the boundaries of a building. It includes the products and materials that are purchased for use in the building, whether paper products or equipment or construction materials. Before making any purchase, a building manager must consider whether the existing product can still be used. Often products are thrown away or recycled while still functioning due to a desire to have the best or newest product on the market.

Here we list the 4 kinds of sustainable goods a building manager should consider before making a purchase.
1. Longer-Life GoodsMost goods purchased in the U.S. have a relatively short usable life (six months or less), either because they are designed this way or because they are replaced by more efficient or technologically advanced goods. This poses a challenge for meeting high-performance sustainable …