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Heating Equipment Guidelines for Facility and Business Owners

As the U.S. is in the heart of winter and subzero temperatures are apparent, it is important to understand the standard operating procedures (SOP) for heating equipment in order to protect yourself, tenants, and your building.

Whether you are a facility manager or business owner, proper maintenance of boilers and electric heating systems is crucial during the winter season.
Heating Equipment GuidelinesThe following 10 operating procedures for heating equipment include guidelines for both boilers and electric heating.
Boilers1. Inspect boilers for scale deposits. Scale reduces the efficiency of the boiler and can lead to overheating of the furnace, cracking of tube ends, tube fracture, possible explosion, and additional expenses for repair, downtime, and ensuring overtime.

2. Inspect the fireside of the furnace and tubes for deposits of soot, fly ash, and slag.

3. Adjust the air-to-fuel ratio as required to obtain clean-burning fire. Evidence of heavy sooting in short periods of time could …

Solutions to Roofing Emergencies & Repairs

A good roofing management program extends the life of the roof and maintains its ability to perform with minimal repair. 

Depending on your role in the property, you will need to communicate with your facility management team to confirm that this program is in place. It is important to keep an inventory of repair materials appropriate for the roofing system, as part of a regular maintenance program. This will facilitate quick repairs that can minimize damage.

Without consulting with your facilities team first about this program, roof leakage and property damage are likely, with repairs and replacement scheduled by crisis rather than by design.
Emergency Roofing RepairsThe best time to prepare for emergency repairs is before they are needed. Emergencies, by definition, require quick action, usually during severe weather that can cause dangerous conditions on the roof as well as inside. Electricity and water are a hazardous combination. It is important to protect occupants by closing off a…

Happy New Year 2019!

2018 was a year of advancement—from Leadership meeting with our Board to discuss current and future projects to the implementation of BOMI's new Learning Portal as an upgraded eLearning platform for learners. BOMI International continues to improve its practices and systems to better officiate your needs and career development.

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT UPDATE Learning & Development has been working to modernize and advance BOMI’s learning experiences and programs.

In May of 2018, BOMI unveiled our newest learning experiences: Online Self-Paced and Live Virtual Learning. Online Self-Paced (OSP) is an independent learning experience enhancing our current Self-Study delivery method by allowing learners the use of BOMI's Learning Portal. We’ve debuted five initial courses and are working on adding three more to the mix by Fall 2019!

In Fall 2018, we began an 11-part Live Virtual Learning (LVL)Pilot Series with Cushman & Wakefield. This program allowed Cushman & Wakefie…