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What Defines Construction Contracts?

The terms construction documents and contract documents are often used interchangeably and casually in everyday practice. Technically, construction documents are two of several components of construction contract documents.
Construction Contract DocumentsIn a contractual sense, a construction contract consists of four separate types of documents:
The written legal agreement between the building owner and the builder.The construction drawings and specifications.The addenda to the drawings and/or specifications.Change orders to drawings, specifications, and/or the written legal agreement.Written Legal AgreementThe actual written agreement serves as a legal umbrella for a range of other documents that provide the specific details of what is to be accomplished. 

The written agreement outlines these specific components:
times of performanceresponsibilities of the general contractor (GC) to the building owner and subcontractorscost of constructionprocedures for creating, approving, and processi…

Don’t Write Off Good Business Writing

Communication skills are an essential part of any industry. Good business writing can communicate ideas in ways that neither spoken nor visual media can express. The written word carries the greatest authority and conveys the most credibility. 

Good business writing provides the following advantages to communication:
Ensures consistent, uniform delivery of your message.Enables you to communicate with those you cannot reach in person.Extends the useful life of your message by making your message more memorable.Provides a form of self-checking to assess whether your thoughts are clear and organized.Good writing is built on good ideas, but good ideas do not automatically produce good writing. If your ideas are mediocre, no amount of skill can conceal this weakness. 

Good business writing requires these four foundations:
Clear organization of your thoughts.Logical development of an argument.Appropriate writing style and vocabulary.Attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.1. Cle…