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Designing a Pest Management Program

In most commercial buildings, pest control is a small budget item. However, the dollar value of a pest management program does not measure its importance to occupant satisfaction. An ongoing pest problem can result in numerous complaints from occupants. Thus, pest control and occupant satisfaction are intertwined. A building manager has a number of decisions to make in developing a pest management program. Factors include economic constraints, as well as meeting overall program objectives. A manager should consider several questions: Should the program be designed to prevent pests or to react to pest problems as they occur? Should the program emphasize the use of insecticides as the first line of defense, or are nonchemical measures preferred? Should the program emphasize inspections and identification of problems followed by specific recommendations, or should it be limited, for example, to regular applications of traditional pesticides to baseboards? Should the IPM program

Choosing a Property Management Company

Selecting a property manager who will oversee investment real estate is an important decision. The first step that an asset manager must take when selecting a property manager is to analyze the needs of the property. Common challenges to consider in determining which management firm may be best for a property include: Location Leasing Redevelopment Tenant relations Performance Holding period Condition of the property Location Not every property is situated in an ideal location. Very often, properties were developed in locations with significant challenges. Examples include retail strip centers with limited traffic access and office buildings located on the periphery of business centers. Location problems are, by nature, difficult to correct. They require an open and creative mind that can develop an effective mitigation plan, such as creating new amenities or planning a change of use. One manager, for instance, took an anchorless retail center in Denver with limited