Top 5 Ways that having a BOMI-HP® on Your Staff Can Save You Money!

Growing occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard in high-performance building, driving many markets to mandate comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs. To meet this challenge, BOMI International developed the new High-Performance Program to further enhance the competencies—knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform key job functions—of industry professionals who are responsible for implementing sustainable initiatives. 

Here a just a few of the ways that having a BOMI-HP on your staff can help save you money:

ENERGY SAVINGS: A BOMI-HP understands how a building operates at peak efficiency and can implement an effective energy management program. With a working knowledge of all integrated building systems and their care and maintenance, a BOMI-HP can reduce expenses attributed to wasted energy.

TENANT RETENTION: A BOMI-HP is educated on the methods of measuring tenant satisfaction levels. A BOMI-HP can collect, analyze, and effectively communicate tenant data to the appropriate parties for implementation!

ENHANCED VALUATION: High-performance buildings command higher rents and valuations. The BOMI-HP is skilled in creating a facilities management plan that will positively affect your organization’s triple bottom line!

REDUCED RISK: A BOMI-HP is knowledgeable of the state and federal environmental policies that have been enacted. The BOMI-HP can implement the core competencies needed to maintain a high-performing facility and keep your operation in good legal standing.

ETHICAL LEADERSHIP: A BOMI-HP understands that one of the key components to energy savings is to engage with tenants, staff, and other occupants. A BOMI-HP can leverage their knowledge to implement a unified approach to sustainable practices, reducing operating costs!

More information about BOMI International's High-Performance Sustainable Building (BOMI-HP®) designation program can be found by visiting, or by calling 1.800.235.2664.


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