New Year Newsletter 2017 - Learning & Development Update

To begin 2018, BOMI International will unveil two new options for completing your courses: Live Virtual Learning and Online Self-Paced.

Live Virtual Learning (LVL) is a blended learning experience ideal for learners who value personal interactions with an instructor but cannot commit the time to a face-to-face classroom environment. This delivery method allows you to discuss course concepts with an instructor and peers in a live virtual setting twice a week for four to six weeks. Additionally, LVL promotes individual content mastery with a collection of practice activities and independent challenges that learners can complete at any time by accessing them through BOMI International’s eLearning platform. Courses will become available in this format throughout 2018, beginning with The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II on March 5th, 2018.

Online Self-Paced (OSP) enhances the current Self-Study delivery method by providing guideposts to aid learners in the independent study of BOMI International course content. You will still receive your digital coursebook, but you will also have access to BOMI's eLearning resources. The OSP experience allows learners the freedom to use BOMI’s eLearning resources as a supplement to the eBook so they may deepen their grasp of key concepts at a pace that aligns with their schedule. Online resources include a variety of interactive microlearning modules and review activities that may be accessed repeatedly.

In addition to these new learning options, we are also upgrading the look and feel of our coursebooks. Most courses have already been updated with some minor content updates and some major learning enhancements. The new books include entirely new quizzes and practice exams, key concept markers to help you target your studying, and other tools to help you connect the concepts to your own professional experience. The new Key Concept icons now include verbiage describing the area of focus.

All updated courses are being released in the familiar print format, but now also include a full-functionality e-book option.

Stay tuned for more exciting things from the L&D Team!


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