3 Tips for Immediate Improvement of Facility Performance

Our workforce is overstressed, overworked, overstimulated, and under informed. Fortunately, we have facility managers who can become a key part of the solution! 
Below are just a few simple things you as an FM can do to make your facility high-performance, while increasing the efficiency of your building, improving the bottom line, and making your tenants happy.
1. Increase Communication:
Your tenants are overstimulated, which means they already receive too much communication, right? Not so fast. More information can sometimes be fool’s gold, but when it’s the right information, it’s a gold mine. Your tenants treasure information that answers the question, “How does this affect me?”
  • When implementing a change to your facility or operation, do not be coy about promoting how the change might benefit your tenants. Environmentally friendly practices and personal security are hot topics. So if you change the boiler to increase energy efficiency or hire a new staff member focused on emergency preparedness or security management, let your tenants know! And let them know how it affects them.
  • Be sure to inform your tenants about what’s happening within and around your facility. More importantly, explain what it could mean for their business or individual experiences, and highlight anything you’re doing operationally to counter potential inconveniences.

2. Implement Benchmarking:

Measure the amount of natural resources and energy used within your facility. Then set goals to reduce this amount. Challenge yourself to implement changes within your buildings operation while incorporating new products or technologies in order to meet the targets you set. 

Implementing this simple practice will not only help the environment, it can also show immediate returns by lowering your monthly operating costs and increasing the value of your facility by establishing and recording a history of efficiency that can be distributed to potential tenants or investors. This initiative should also be communicated to your tenants—it may be an opportunity to get them to buy in and participate in the cause for a better future.
3. Get Educated:
Educating yourself and your staff about the principles of a high-performance building and the best practices of operating a sustainable facility can establish a culture of professional sophistication and a deeper level of understanding the financial benefits of the points listed above. BOMI International offers a 3-course High-Performance Sustainable Buildings® designation program that teach students to effectively implement new efficiencies and drive sustainable initiatives—while making a positive impact on the environment, their organization's bottom line. 
Once your building is up to speed, let your tenants, prospective tenants, owners and competition know by submitting your property to the BOMA 360 Performance Program®. Commercial buildings that earn the BOMA 360 designation also reap tangible benefits, such as higher rental rates, higher tenant satisfaction scores and lower vacancy rates than buildings without the designation. Gain a competitive advantage for your property with BOMA 360. Visit www.boma.org/360 to learn more.


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